Episode 3 – Outdoor Living, Garden Talk, Festivals and…Fleas?

We go into this episode a little undecided on what to talk about and then the next thing you know we’ve spent an hour talking about the cost of outdoor living spaces, the best time of the year to build a new home, our favorite plants and grass in the south, spring time festivals, and yes, Blake has a flea problem. Here we goooo!


Episode 2 – Millennials in the Market

On this episode we discuss the state of things around millennials and their wants and needs when building a new home with our two resident millennials on the show. Of course we have a little fun along the way as well. Apologies in advance on the audio cutting out at the end of the show. Enjoy!

Episode 1 – Welcome to the Podcast

On our first episode of From House to Home, we have a little fun in the new studio introducing one another and talking about the type of show we hope to bring to you the listener. Bear with us, it’s our first episode. We’ll only get better 😉